Greetings to all church librarians!

The April Book Reviews are posted as of May 16.  On the first page there are two entries concerning two versions of the same book. The first one is for schools and teachers and the second one is for people like you and I.  There is about a $10 difference in price.

We are hoping that someone in our grooup will step up and volunteer to be our next Secretary.  At the Spring Conference, in Brownsville on April 22, we discussed going to just one Conference per year.  The Constitution has been modifed to reflect that change. It is likely that our next Conference will be during the summer months of 2024 at a high school or other venue to minimize the work needed to host our group. Maybe several nearby churches could co-host. Meanwhile this fall, the Board will get together either on Zoom or in person to hash out the details.  Any suggestions, corrections or thoughts on this restructuring should be addressed to President, Kim Wiepking at  "" or by phone at 920-904-5699.  

Thank You,

Carol Leonard