Fall 2021 Newsletters are in the mail!

The From the Bookshelf  Fall 2021 edition was mailed out on August 9, 2021.

The newsletter is available here /home/180010673/180010673/From%20the%20Bookshelf%20-%20Fall%202021.pdf or in the member resource section.

God's blessings!


Summer 2021 Newsletters are in the mail!

The From the Bookshelf summer 2021 edition was
mailed out on June 4, 2021. 

A copy of the newsletter is also available in the member resource section.

God's blessings!
Spring 2021 Newsletters are in the mail!

The From the Bookshelf spring 2021 edition was mailed out on March 13, 2021. 

A copy of the newsletter is also available in the member resource section.

Happy Spring!

Greetings to all CLO members!

The WELS-CLO Board has decided to cancel the Spring Conference scheduled in April due to the continuing Covid Pandemic.

Please watch this website, "From the Bookshelf" and our Facebook page for further updates!

Blessings to all.
Nov 16, 2020

Greetings to all CLO members!

After a bit of  a mix-up, the confusion regarding Linda Jane Niedfeldt's Book ""Psalms in My Backpack" showing up as "Not Approved" in the Winter 2020-21 Newsletter has been corrected on the Website and on Facebook.  Unfortunately it cannot be corrected at the Newsletter level.  Thanks to an alert member for making us aware of this mistake.   

Also just posted on the website tonight is the July- August edition of New and Noteworthy.  Please remember if for some reason Denise or Carol do not receive files from NPH for any given month we assume there are no reviews or other info to be posted.  Please feel free to contact either of us if you find any further blunders on our part!

Stay healthy and blessings to all of you!

Carol Leonard
Winter Newsletters are in the mail!

The From the Bookshelf winter 2020 edition was mailed out on November 14, 2020.  A membership form for 2021 was included.

A copy of the newsletter and membership form is also available in the member resource section.

Yearly membership fees are due December 31, 2020.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Greetings to all CLO members!

What's Happened to our Monthly Book/Media Reviews?

In the Book Review section of this website, you will see some months appear to be "missing".  The reason is that there were no new items reviewed or published that particular month. Reviews usually are used in regard to the limited amount of non-WELS authored items.  

Also please note that some recent book review posts from NPH were headed "Recommended and Approval Pending".  I did not quite understand what that meant.  It was a computer heading error at NPH, and those books are approved.  

Be sure to check what's been posted under "Other Documents" on our website's upper menu bar. Click and you will find "New & Newsworthy" posts  featuring WELS authored books with a synopsis and details for purchasing same. You must be a member of WELS-CLO to access this information.  Check if you are not able to find what you are looking for on the NPH website.

Stay healthy and take time to read!

Carol Leonard

Fall Newsletters are in the mail!

The From the Bookshelf fall 2020 edition was mailed out on September 9, 2020.  Included in th newsletter is a ballot for Vice President and Treasurer that should be returned to Connie Mangin by October 30, 2020.

A copy of the newsletter is also included in the member resource section of the website or by clicking on this link /home/180010673/180010673/WELS%20CLO%20Fall%202020%20Newsletter.pdf

Ballots are also available here:  /home/180010673/180010673/WELS%20CLO%20Fall%202020%20Ballot.pdf

Happy Fall!
Notice to WELS-CLO members!! 

Nominations for Vice President and Treasurer are due in Connie Mangins mailbox  by August 8--that is this Saturday!! Paper ballots were mailed out several weeks ago.   Please do not delay.  Your choice will not be couuted if received after Aug 8.  Sorry we do not have the forms for online voting.

Connie's address is

Connie Mangin
15505 Hillcreek Rd.
Valders, WI 54245

Or enail:

Thanks for your coooperation!!

2020 Fall Conference - Postponed

Due to COVID-19 pandemic the fall conference has been postponed until fall 2021.  A ballot will be mailed/emailed for election of officers and voting for officers will take place via mail/email.  Thank you for your input and patience.
Here are some comments from one of your webmasters:

**The latest edition of "From the Bookshelf" has been posted for our members to read or download as of June 17. The new media section is especially well done--most pleasant to look at and chock full of info.  Thanks Charlene.

**The latest Media Reviews and Notes & Newsworthy" from NPH are also posted in the "Members" section under "Reviews" and "Other Documents" respectively.  Please note above the first review of Pastor R. J. Koester's book "Elephants in the Room" it does not indicate approval. Long story short is that it actually is approved.  It will be re-posted in the near future.

**Peace Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie has agreed to host a Fall Conference.  Like many other organizations they are not quite sure what's going to be appropriate due to COVID-19.  Read on to the next item. 

**Please fill out your Questionaire from Connie as soon as possible so the Fall Conference Committe at Peace in Sun Prairie knows what all of you are thinking in regard to a gathering amid all the hoopla about the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is an online version also but you will have to copy and print it; sorry no electronic reply this time around.

**Be sure to consider becoming  CLO officer if you are nominated this summer.  The positions up for grabs are Vice President, Treasurer and Webmaster.  The duties of each office are listed in the newsletter.  


Adopt a Congregation Project

St. Peter Lutheran Church in Clovis, California has submitted a list of books they could use to get their church library started.

Members who have any of these books or similar ones to donate should send them to President Rhonda Goehl, and she will take care of shipping them. They need some volumes and would like to add some series they don't have. 

These are just suggestions and whatever you donate would be a great blessing.

Missing From People's Bible Teachings

  • Angels and Demons
  • Christian Worship
  • Missing From Impact Series
  • Baptism
  • Feminism
  • Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure
  • Catholic/Lutheran/Reformed 
  • Sanctification
  • Gospel Motivation
Missing From A Lutheran Looks At...

Eastern Orthodox

Have none of these and would like to add:
 "Bible Discovery Series"
 "God's People Series"