Selecting Library Materials

Developing Your Church Library Collection

Selecting materials for your church library is one of the most important and difficult jobs for church librarians.  Often times people will donate books to the church library and it is the librarian's job to determine if they are appropriate or not.  There is also the need to purchase books and other media from reliable sources at reasonable prices.  WELS-CLO can help with the following resources:

Book shelves
Criteria for Book Selection
A guide for selecting new and used books for your church library
Weeding Your Collection
Guidelines to help with the weeding process to keep your church library current and up-to-date

Finding Materials for your Church Library

The following websites are good sources for finding new and used books and other media:





Christian Book Distributors

Concordia Publishing House (CPH)

Google Books

Northwestern Publishing House (NPH)

PaperBack Swap

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library

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