Reformation 500 Resources
Resources from Northwestern Publishing House in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

NPH Releases of Important Older Titles
  • Fehlauer: Life and Faith of Martin Luther (LES Use)
  • Scharf: Martin Luther, Reformer in the Making               
  • Tjernagel: Martin Luther and the Jews
  • Kiecker: Martin Luther and the Long Reformation
  • Montgomery: In Defense of Martin Luther
  • Schuetze: Martin Luther Reformer
  • Bartel: Martin Luther Play for children
Watch for these New NPH Releases
  • Braun: Luther’s Protest
  • Christie: Lent Sermons
  • Luther Then—Lutherans Today (An interactive digital resource)
  • Reformation Festschrift (Essays)
  • Montgomery (translator): In Defense of the Lutheran Faith
  • Christmas Kit with Anniversary Theme
  • Luther’s Christmas Sermons (Translated by Nathan Biebert)
  • A new version of the exposition to Martin Luther’s Small Catechism
  • Bulletin Inserts (For Living Saints)